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DOubt Scoop Tee (Black)

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"Doubt to Do"

Where are you in this moment?
Are you actively supporting you
By doing what inspires you,
Or have you found yourself in doubt
Believing a lie as a truth?
What's true
Is there is so much more to you
Than a thought that limits you.
There is so much more supporting you
Than a mind that holds you
In fear
Clearly trying to protect,
But when did we elect
Fear to be the guiding force
Of our time here?
Our hearts, our souls
Are ready to lead us through,
Beyond thoughts of "can't do,"
To fully supporting the real you
So make the shift to what's right for you
Step out of doubt
Into love
And do.

- Noah J. Henderson


-4.3 oz.

-100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton

-Unisex, Side-seamed, Tightly knit