"Tribal Royalty" Necklace Collection (Sand Dust & Grey Scale) - VII DOSE X KuvLi

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Our necklace is adorned with a pendant from the traditional Hmong neck piece called “Xauv”, and it is worn on special occasions, such as weddings, ceremonies, and New Year celebrations. With this unique collaboration between VII DOSE and KUVLI and their energy beads, you can now enjoy it for any occasion. We bring to you the essence of our Tribal people with the bloodline of Royalty. A touch of our culture, with a peek into our roots, this is our Roots & Culture “Tribal Royalty” necklace collection.

Product Detail:

Available in 2 colors:

1. Grey Scale Tribal Royalty Necklace
2. Sand Dust Tribal Royalty Necklace

Hand crafted with quality Natural Stone Beads, a Hmong Xauv Pendant, and a custom rotating VII DOSE & KuvLi Charm. This necklace is made with the perfect balance of energy for you. Resonate with your jem and feel the Energy.

One Size Fits All.

A VII DOSE and KuvLi Collaboration.

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Kuvli means "MINE". Each Kuvli item is carefully hand crafted with high quality earth beads, to create the perfect balance of energy. Each item is one of a kind and Never duplicated. No other person will ever rock the same energy as you! Making the item yours! "Kuvli" meaning MINE.

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