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We all come from different backgrounds, with unique cultures, histories, and traditions. Yet many of us wear the same or similar clothing that is made to follow the popular styles of today. As a result, we share a similar look, but our history and our legacies are somewhat hidden; masked by the trends of today. But what if there was a way to honor both past and present? What if we could bring our roots and our cultures into today? At VII DOSE, we would like to invite you to remove the mask and to celebrate the uniqueness, the diversity, and the oneness of us all - we all have roots that are equally special and equally worth celebrating. We believe that by sharing and learning about one other, we will continue to build our connection and our support for one other.

Welcome to the Roots & Culture line of VII DOSE.

Roots & Culture Collections

Are there articles of clothing or designs from your culture that you you’d love to wear? We’d love to hear from you and learn about your culture. Please send us a message.


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