"TRIumphant" Energy Jem Bracelet (RED) - VII DOSE X KuvLi

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(All profits from this bracelet will be donated to support the non-profit organization, United Hmong Shaman Temple, Inc.)

This bracelet is inspired from the traditional Hmong Red blessing string. In the Hmong culture, a red blessing string is tied around the wrist or ankle to wish an individual protection, healing, and blessings. The silver triangle charm on this bracelet resembles a balance mind, body, and spirit which support a healthy lifestyle. As a combination, this bracelet will help bring in success and happiness. Wear it and live TRIumphantly.

Hand crafted with high quality, natural red turquoise stone round beads, a custom rotating VII DOSE & KuvLi Charm, and a Silver Triangle Charm made with the perfect balance of energy for you. Resonate with your jem and feel the energy.

A VII DOSE and KuvLi collaboration.

Available in 3 sizes:

X-Small: 5.5 Inches
Small: 6" Inches
Medium: 6.5-7" Inches
Large: 7.5-8" Inches

Please contact [email protected] for international purchases


Kuvli means "MINE". Each Kuvli item is carefully hand crafted with high quality earth beads, to create the perfect balance of energy. Each item is one of a kind and Never duplicated. No other person will ever rock the same energy as you! Making the item yours! "Kuvli" meaning MINE.

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UNITED HMONG SHAMAN TEMPLE, INC. is a non-profit spiritual healing organization dedicated to Provide, Practice and Preserve Hmong Shamanism.

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